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Apparel Pricing Guide

Quickly create quotes and invoices to send to your customers.

If you read industry forums, you might get the idea that pricing decorated apparel is some type of magic art form.

It's definitely not magic but I've seen and heard the "How do you price your shirts?" question a 1000 times.

Your accounting software further complicates matters. Ever tried to quote screen printed t-shirts in Quickbooks? It's difficult at best.

This easy to use Excel screen printing pricing calculator is just what you need.

T-Shirt Mockup Template

Create realistic, professional quality proofs for your clients to approve.

Don't lose $100s or $1000s because of a simple spelling misatake - always, always, always get artwork approved before you print.

You’ll also make a better impression on your customer with this template.

You’re a designer – you've got a great imagination. Your client - not so much.

They may have a hard time visualizing how the finished product will turn out. Make it simple for them.

This mockup template is Adobe Illustrator based - so no need to open up Photoshop to get a realistic proof.

15 Day Trial of shopVOX Express

Solve the "What happens after we get the order?" problem.

Sometimes the real nightmare can begin after you get the order.

Who is supposed to be printing that job? Which jobs are due tomorrow?
I never knew they wanted 3 more Small Gildan 2000s. Did we order the shirts yet?
Where did you put the job ticket? I can't read this handwriting.
Is the proof approved? Which file are we printing? What colors of ink on the front?

shopVOX Express is a 100% web-based job management software that will finally organize your shop.

20 Biggest T-Shirt Shop Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Learn what to watch out for with this insightful 25 page eBook

In a competitive business like screen printing, small mistakes add up to big ones.

Industry veteran Marshall Atkinson gives you the worst 20 mistakes he's seen in his 25+ years in the business.

The Story

"Nobody wants to see how the sausage is made"

That is at least until you want to make some sausage of your own.

When I started my journey in this industry years ago, I didn't receive any formal training.

I learned by jumping right in - I tried, made mistakes, and got better. But I can tell you from experience that method is painful and it took me a long time.

We've created a shortcut for you. This toolKIT address some of the most common problems in apparel decoration - pricing, artwork, and production.

Don't waste hours of your time searching dark corners of internet forums for advice from others. Or attending trade shows/seminars that are more sales pitch than education.

Just sign up for the toolKIT.

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P.S. This is usually the point where I'd offer you some kind of money-back guarantee. But hey the toolKIT is free - so what are you waiting for already?

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Is this really free?
Yes indeedy.

What's the catch?
No catch here folks.
We simply want to help you grow your screen printing, embroidery, or apparel decoration business.
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What type of support do you provide?
Since this is a free release, we can't offer any type of support. We do have a help page though :)
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We've got a few videos that outline how to setup and use the pricing guide and the mockup template.
The tools are really simple to use. You should not have any trouble.

Does the Apparel Pricing Guide work on Mac and PC?
The Pricing Guide is a set of Excel spreadsheets. It was created for Windows based PCs.
However, most functions will work on a Mac. But that's not a guarantee.
You do need to have Macros enabled for certain features to work.