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Apparel Pricing Guide

How Setup the Guide

Using the Pricing Guide

Open the spreadsheet using Excel and allow macros. If you do not allow macros to be run, some of the features will not work.

First, you must fill out the Prices sheet with your shop information. The entire Prices sheet can be set up for your specific company use, up to 12 colors, three different markup ranges, custom quantity ranges and more. You only need to set up your Prices sheet once unless you decide to change your prices for printing. Each editable field on the Prices sheet will have a small red triangle icon. Hover over this icon and you will find a description for the field in the pop-up window.

Second, go to the Invoice and Receipt sheets and change the two lines of text near the bottom of the sheets to fit the needs of your invoices/receipts. You can also just delete them if you would like.

Third, create your Customers list on the Customers sheet. This Customer list is used in the dropdown box in the Invoice sheet for quick invoicing. Be sure to enter information regarding the deposit percentage for each customer as this is reflected on the invoice. You can also leave it at 0 if you would like.

That’s it! You can now enter the quantity of the different apparel along with the many other available options on the Quote sheet to generate the quotes based on the actual apparel cost and the prices that you entered on the Prices sheet.


Shirt Mockup Template

How Setup the Template

The file is separated into Layers for easy editing

  1. Open the file in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Unlock the “template” layer. Change the colors to match yours. Lock layer.
  3. Unlock the “LOGO” layter. Remove the shopVOX logo and add your own. Lock Layer.
  4. On the “SHIRT COLOR” layer, change the shirt color.
  5. Add your design to the “YOUR ART” layer. The “shirt shadow” layer adds shadows and highlights over your artwork to make it look realistic.
  6. Use the “DETAILS” layer to add ink colors, shirt details, job names, and others.
  7. Once you’re ready to send, go to File > Save for Web – to generate an thumbnail image that is perfect to send to your customer.

How To Use the Template